Explained: An Inside Look is a groundbreaking digital platform committed to remodeling the traditional film industry. We recognize the inherent issues currently limiting the reach and diversity of cinematic content, namely, the exorbitant costs of distribution, the dominance of streaming giants, and the lack of ways for audiences to actively support and engage with their favorite films.

Our mission is to leverage the power and ethos of Web3 technology to reshape the movie distribution landscape. We aim to make distribution affordable and accessible for every filmmaker, ensuring every film, regardless of its budget or origin, gets the recognition and audience it deserves. By eliminating the traditional gatekeepers, we empower filmmakers with greater creative freedom and control over their projects.

The dominance of mainstream streaming services has resulted in a somewhat homogenized viewing experience, often curbing the diversity of content. seeks to rectify this by curating a broad and inclusive catalog of films, celebrating unique voices and perspectives often overshadowed by commercial cinema. We offer our audience the opportunity to explore and appreciate a diverse cinematic landscape.

Moreover, our platform extends beyond just viewing. We provide audiences with the unique opportunity to become part of the filmmaking process, directly supporting their favorite creators and films through NFTs. In return, they can receive both tangible and intangible rewards, creating a deeper connection with the films they admire. is not just about watching films; it's about immersing in a new, inclusive, and rewarding cinema experience. Join us on this exciting journey where every story is told, heard, and celebrated.
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